Trademark Registration

General Information

The Republic of Panama is a signatory to various international agreements for the protection of trademarks and invention patents.

Panama has made the necessary adjustments in its legislation to adapt to modern trends in this matter, together with the General Directorate of Intellectual Property Registry (DIGERPI), has managed to keep up with international regulations, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) , and have made the necessary adjustments through Law 35 of 1996 in order to regulate and regulate the procedure on the registration of trademarks for Products, Services, collective and guarantee, indications of origin, denominations of origin, trade names, exhibitions and advertising signs, Inventions (Invention Patent, Utility Model, Industrial Drawings or Models).

Regarding the registration of your industrial property rights, the registration of product and service brands, logos, trade names, the requirements to register a brand are the following:

  • Power in favor of our firm.
  • Name and design of the brand.
  • Sworn declaration.
  • Authenticated copy of the trademark registration in your country of origin. If it is not registered in its country of origin, it can be registered in the Republic of Panama (accompanied by a foreign application certification).
  • Claiming a priority right, if any, in accordance with international conventions.
  • Payment of registration rights.

We advise on the protection of the moral and patrimonial rights that the law confers on authors, for the creation of a work, whether literary or artistic, musical, photographic, scientific compositions, computer programs and derived rights, published or unpublished.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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