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Our Firm has vast experience in the constitution of corporations, having Panama one of the preferred IBC (INTERNATONAL BUSINESS CORPORATION), which is a legal structure regulated by the provisions of the Commercial Code and Law No. 32, in force since 1927, which has been recently modified to modernize it and adapt it to the new international requirements. Panamanian corporations have been widely used by the international and financial community, due to the multiple advantages and tax benefits they offer, and they are widely accepted in the banking and global financial community as a structure that has shown that it can lead carry out all kinds of commercial operations.

  • Corporations are a convenient vehicle to secure investments due to the good reputation of our country as a reliable economic and financial center.
  • There are no currency restrictions: There are no exchange controls or monetary controls in Panama, the Dollar is the legal tender.
  • Flexible Tax System: The tax system in the Republic of Panama is based on the principle of the territoriality of the source of income. Therefore, profits, income and dividends of a corporation resulting from activities originating outside of the Republic of Panama are not subject to any type of taxes, including taxes on dividends.
  • Corporations can hold assets anywhere in the world. In addition, they are not required to have assets or open bank accounts in Panama.
  • Flexible Accounting: Accounting Books can be kept within the Republic of Panama or in any country.
  • Directors and Shareholders may be of any nationality and residents of any country.
  • The meetings of the board of directors and shareholders can be held in any country and by electronic means.
  • Low incorporation and maintenance costs which are competitive with other jurisdictions.

The total cost of incorporating a Panama corporation is US$1,250.00 (plus tax ), which includes:

  • Notary and registration fees
  • Draft of corporation bylaws
  • Minimum Authorized Capital of US$10,000.00
  • Our legal fees for registered agents for the first year.
  • Book with 5 stock certificates
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Shareholders registration book
  • Minutes book.
  • Annual franchise tax included (US$300.00) for the first year.
  • Minutes of a meeting issuing stocks of the corporation.
  • Courier expenses

A general power of attorney of administration and disposition can be included in the corporation bylaws for an additional cost of US$200.00
In case the same is requie in a separet document our fees are U$450.00

Once we have receive all the requirements, our incorporation form, and all confirmation that our fees have been paid up, we shall be processing and sending all corporate documents in the next 5 working days.

Incorporate a Corporation in Panama

To start the incorporation of your corporation in Panama, an initial payment corresponding to the aforementioned costs will be requested, and additional services may be contracted upon verification of your application.

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If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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