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Experience That Defines Us

Our years of experience in various practice areas prepare us to offer the best service in each of the areas we cover.

Making our values ​​​​an integral part of our philosophy and approach to working with the client that allows us to help and guide them optimally.

What we are experts in

Legal Practice Areas

Panama Corporations

We have vast experience in companies incorporation, with Panama being one of the preferred IBC's due to the multiple advantages and tax benefits they offer.

Offshore Corporations

We provide various corporate services to international clients through the creation of companies in recognized jurisdictions, with the greatest flexibility and confidentiality at the lowest costs.

Private Interest Foundations

We offer the creation of private interest foundations in Panama, providing a solution to a global need for accessibility, anonymity, flexibility and equity planning.

Maritime Law

We provide services in the maritime field, from ship flagging, to radio license contracts and other necessary documents with the intention of improving your operations.

Immigration law

We have vast experience in this area of law, offering advice on various immigration procedures, in accordance with the law, taking into account the needs of each client.

Trademark Registration

We provide services and advice in the areas of trademark registration, patents, intellectual property, copyright and infringements.

Real Estate Law

At Perez-Carrera & Co, we have experience in advising clients in the acquisition and administration of real estate in the Republic of Panama.

Tax Law

We provide advice in the conformation and operation of your business and personal assets, in strict compliance with Panamanian law.

Banking Services

Our firm refers our clients to solid and well-established banks, which offer all the security, comfort and banking services that our clients need.

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