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At Perez-Carrera & Co., we have vast experience in this branch of law offering advice on various immigration procedures, in accordance with the law, taking into account the needs of each client, as well as the necessary advice for the processing of the different types of work permits, whether annual or for a defined period, depending on the type of residence permit the worker has.

Our immigration law (Law 3 of February 22, 2008, which creates the National Immigration Service) establishes the various temporary and permanent residence permits, authorized visas, multiple return visas, transient visas, naturalizations and SEM visas (headquarters of companies multinational), among others.

The various immigration categories and requirements vary depending on the type of residence to apply, which can be:

  1. Pensioner (Retiree) Visa
  2. Reforestation Visa
  3. Investor in the Panama Pacifico Economic Area
  4. Work permit for employees of the Panama pacific Area wihin the 10% of the employees of the development or operator company.
  5. Investor in a export processing zone.
  6. Investor in a Call center
  7. Business investor visa
  8. Self Economic Solvency by
    1. deposit of a Certificate of Deposit
    2. for investment in Real Estate
    3. mixed for investment on Real Estate and a Certificate of Deposit
  1. Employee of an aviation company based in the Republic of Panama.
  2. Employee Hire by a private company as a technician or expert under 15% of the ordinary personal.
  3. Employee Hire by a private company under 10% of the ordinary personal.
  1. Married to a Panama National or Citizen
  2. Parents of Born Child in Panama.
  3. Dependents of a permanent resident
  1. Friendship, commerce and navigation Agreement between Panama and Italy
  2. Friendly nations Visa.
  3. Professional Visa.

By clicking here you can obtain more information on the different types of migratory categories.

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